Ten Point Plan

The National Village Halls Forum (NVHF) is the only members’ organisation specifically aimed to represent grass roots rural village and community halls volunteers. In the past 2 years we have developed a Ten Point Plan, which sets out our main objective:

"The NVHF recognises the value of village and community halls to their community, and seeks to influence policy makers to take steps to ensure their long-term viability and continued service to their communities."

The NVHF Ten Point Plan is divided into three Key Outcomes:

1. Reliable Long Term Capital Funding;
2. Reduction of the Legislative Burden on Hall Trustees;
3. The Value of Volunteers Recognised;
    To be achieved through Strategic Influencing

The Ten Point Plan for achieving these outcomes is:

1. Reliable Long Term Capital Funding;

1)      Raise awareness and demonstrate the value of halls in their communities, by rolling out the “Impact of Investment in Village Halls” survey nationally and publicising its findings.

2)      Continue to campaign for the provision of a long term funding programme (ie over at least 10 years) to enable VH capital projects to develop naturally, following local needs without creating a rush demand.

3)      Direct financial support to the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN)* to provide a minimum 3-day per week village & community halls support and advice service, and to help and encourage county VH Associations.

        2. Reduction of the Legislative Burden on Hall Trustees;

4)      Fight to reduce the impact of legislation on VH eg licensing, VAT, waste removal, and to campaign for the Government to set up a consultation group.

5)      Campaign for the introduction of a VAT refund scheme for village and community halls’ repairs and improvements.

        3. The Value of Volunteers Recognised;        

6)      Put village halls back on the Government’s Agenda, with recognition of the value of the work of their volunteers both financially and in terms of their role in rural community cohesion. 

7)       Ensure that the NVHF is recognised as the only national grass roots organisation for village and community halls, and included alongside ACRE & Community Matters in consultations connected with matters relating to community buildings.

        4.   Strategic Influencing

8)      Influence the Government’s strategy through ongoing and direct contact with MPs. 

9)      Monitor existing pots of funding from various sources (eg landfill, insulation, renewable energy etc) and encourage the Government to open them to village hall projects.   

10)  Press the government to extend the Sustainable Communities Act and set a minimum level annual capital grants programme for community buildings, which ideally should be managed by the county RCCs.

A print version of the Ten Point Plan incorporating the background to the Points and the proposed Action Plan to achieve them can be found below 
Mary Mathers,
10 Nov 2010, 07:33